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OFAC: Research & Innovations

We have three goals for research: better patient outcomes, faster recovery, and stronger physical features

There’s an old medical adage we like at OFAC: Patients want their health care from people who write the books, not just those who read them. To our practice, that means not just perfecting current-generation practices, but looking ahead to where we want to be in five to ten years. We’re happy to say that, in nearly every case, by the time a procedure becomes routine, we’ve already been doing it for a decade. And that’s largely due to our extensive work in medical research.

The research performed at OFAC not only results in progress in the field, but ultimately improves the level of care that our patients receive. Our surgeons are always at the leading edge and frequently pioneer new medical procedures. Their work has been featured in national publications and has earned accolades from the top institutions in the field.