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OrthoAlliance makes it easy to view your patient portal for any of our Partner Practices, Including Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.

With our new patient portal, you can enjoy secure and confidential communication with your physician, request refills and documents, and view upcoming appointments seamlessly.

Starting May 6, 2024, if you schedule an appointment, you’ll get an enrollment invitation sent to you via email. If you have questions before your next appointment, please check out the FAQs below.

If you have recently registered or have an active portal account, click here to login.


Discover answers to your most pressing questions about patient portal, and how we ensure a seamless and supportive experience for every patient under our care.


If you are not currently enrolled in the Patient Portal, you will receive an automated email when you schedule an office visit after May 6th, inviting you to register for an OrthoAlliance Patient Portal account.

If you were active in your previous portal account within the last year, you will receive an invitation to create a new account in early to mid-May 2024.

Please contact your practice to request a new PIN.

A patient between the ages of 12 and 18 can enroll for their own account, or an account that is managed by a parent or guardian until they reach the age of 18. Children 11 years old and younger may only have an account that is managed by a parent or guardian.

Due to state and federal regulations, when a patient turns 18, they will be invited to create their own account and the parent or guardian of the patient who managed the portal account will receive notification of the disassociation.

You can reset your password by logging into your Patient Portal account and navigating to Settings>My Account> Change Password. If you need additional help, please contact the practice.

No, you do not need two accounts. You can login to your current account, navigate to Settings and select “Add PIN from another practice.” You will be prompted to enter the PIN you received from your OrthoAlliance practice and your birthdate.


Please contact your practice if you need to update your demographic information. Please allow up to 24 hours for the changes to be reflected in the Patient Portal.

Call the practice and request Patient Portal assistance.
Wait five minutes and enter your password. If you get locked out again you will receive an email allowing you to reset your password.

Medical Records

Your Patient Portal account allows you to see your Medications, Allergies, Social History, Family History and Vitals. You can request to have a specific document pushed to your patient portal account.
Your entire chart will not display in the portal; however, you can contact your practice to request your medical records, or you can request to have a specific document sent to your Patient Portal account.
Contact your practice to request your medical records, or you can request to have a specific document sent to your Patient Portal account.


You can see your upcoming doctor’s appointments and physical therapy appointments for most locations.

Please contact the practice. Appointment cancelling and rescheduling is not available in the portal at this time.

We do not have appointment scheduling on the patient portal. Please call the practice to schedule an appointment.

You will not receive appointment reminders through the Patient Portal; however, you can see your upcoming appointments on the home page of the Patient Portal.

You can see the dates and location of your previous appointments under the “My Chart” icon on the home page.


Yes, you can send a message to your healthcare provider’s team using the “Messages” icon on the home page.

No, but you can send a message to a provider who has provided care for you in the past 30 months.

Please allow up to 3 business days for the provider’s team to respond.
No. Please call the practice with any urgent medical concerns.

Billing and Payments

There is a link that will redirect you to the OrthoAlliance Pay Online site. Please access the Practice Links shown on the left hand side of the Patient Portal.

Please contact Ortho Alliance at 888-384-3452 with any billing questions.

Additional Features

Yes. You can send a message to your provider to request a medication refill.
Please contact the practice to update your medication list.