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Central Ohio Primary Care and OrthoAlliance are Uniting Forces for Enhanced Orthopedic Care


In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming orthopedic care in central Ohio, the largest independent primary care provider in the United States, Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC), has joined forces with OrthoAlliance, a partnership of independent orthopedic groups including JIS Orthopedics, OrthoNeuro, Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center, Orthopedic Specialists and Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Associates of Zanesville. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in delivering an unprecedented level of integrated orthopedic care to patients, addressing rising healthcare costs and elevating patient outcomes through an innovative, value-based approach.

A Commitment to Value-Based Care

COPC, renowned for its pioneering efforts in value-based, comprehensive primary care models, has taken a bold step in extending its commitment to patient-centric, value-based care to the realm of orthopedics. Teaming up with OrthoAlliance, known for its demonstrated ability to conservatively manage patients and achieve low complication rates across orthopedic episodes of care, signifies a shared dedication to reshaping the landscape of orthopedic services.

Integrated and Coordinated Patient Experience

At the core of COPC and OrthoAlliance’s collaboration is the vision to create a new, more integrated, and coordinated patient experience. By leveraging their collective expertise, COPC providers and OrthoAlliance orthopedic specialists will collaboratively develop care pathways for the conservative co-management of orthopedic conditions. This strategic partnership aims to optimize patient care, achieve key outcome measures, and reduce waste and variation, ultimately leading to a reduction in orthopedic episode costs.

Efficiency through Alignment

The alignment with OrthoAlliance empowers COPC primary care providers to coordinate and communicate swiftly and efficiently with orthopedic specialists. This synergy ensures the implementation of comprehensive medical solutions for patients, allowing for a seamless coordination of care. From referring patients to necessary services at the most convenient and affordable locations to integrating patient information, the collaboration aims to eliminate duplicative and unnecessary tests and treatments, streamlining the patient’s healthcare journey.

Benefits for Patients and Beyond

Patients can anticipate a more cohesive healthcare experience, marked by improved communication between primary care and orthopedic specialists and streamlined access to the region’s most trusted and renowned orthopedics specialists. The collaboration not only aims to enhance patient care but also seeks to make a meaningful impact on the broader healthcare landscape by introducing efficiencies that contribute to reducing overall healthcare costs.

In conclusion, COPC’s collaboration with OrthoAlliance marks a significant milestone in the evolution of orthopedic care in central Ohio. This forward-thinking relationship holds the promise of a brighter and more integrated future for patients, where value-based principles drive superior outcomes, efficiency, and a patient-centric approach to orthopedic health.